From left to right: Andrew Carson (Drums), Joe Warcholak (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Suraj Gopal (Bass), Drew (Lead Guitar/Vocals)


DEADEYE SWAGGER is a is a NYC-based band formed in late 2014 when Andrew Carson (drums) and Drew Joia (Lead Guitar/Vocals) met at a mutual friend’s show in Brooklyn and decided that life really wasn’t worth living without a rock band. They recruited Joe Warcholak (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Suraj Gopal (Bass) — together, they gave birth to the Deadeye Swagger sound.

Influenced heavily by 90s grunge and the very best of rock and roll, Deadeye Swagger follows in the musical footsteps of artists like Nirvana, Hendrix, The White Stripes, Soundgarden, and Led Zepplin.


“Recently going to a show in the city, we came across a band that super exceeded what we imagined we would listen to. DeadEye Swagger – one of the hidden music gems from NY – brought high energy from start to finish. With their catchy in the pocket drums supported by funny base lines, sick guitar solos, catchy lyrics and high energy, this is by far one of the best bands we have come across while hanging out in the New York City scene.
We cannot wait to play a show with them.”

– Sol of Witness A Downfall, VOX

”Crazy good time sharing a stage with DeadEye Swagger – they really get the crowd moving.”

– Carly of Wild Bore, DRUMS + VOX

“Awesome band; Hot, talented, fun and engaging! Can’t wait to catch their next show.”

– Adisa, A devoted DeadEye Swagger fan